List of Accounting courses available online

1.Accounting & Bookkeeping Masterclass – Beginner to Advanced(Udemy)

2.Financial Accounting – #1 Ranked University(Udemy)

3.Financial Accounting(Swayam)

4.Financial Accounting: The Complete Introductory Crash Course(Udemy)

5.Financial Accounting and Analysis(Swayam)

6.Tally Erp 9 + Tally Prime + GST – Certificate Course

7.MITx: Financial Accounting(Edx)

8.IIMBx: Accounting and Finance

1.Accounting & Bookkeeping Masterclass – Beginner to Advanced(Udemy)

What this course teaches: This course covers the basics of accounting, including fundamental terms, recording business transactions, and more complex areas like discounts, sales tax, prepaid and accrued transactions, and accounting adjustments. It covers topics like accounting terms, cash and accrual accounting, double-entry concepts, bookkeeping, general ledger, trial balance, financial statements, fixed assets and depreciation, inventory accounting, financial statements preparation, and accounting for leases. The course is designed with interactive video and covers practical concepts for maintaining books in accounting software. Accounting is essential for businesses to record income and expenses for internal management and external stakeholders.

Rating: 4.6(4653 )

Link: Accounting & Bookkeeping Masterclass – Beginner to Advanced

2.Financial Accounting – #1 Ranked University: Course 1 of 5

What this course teaches: This course on accounting, produced by the top accounting university in the world, offers in-depth learning on the accounting cycle, finance, financial statements, and legal forms of businesses. It covers topics like income statements, debits and credits, creating financial statements, accrual accounting vs cash accounting, sales revenue and inventory, internal controls, long-term assets, stocks, bonds, and dividends, and strategic investing in a company’s stock through analyzing financial statements. The course is designed to help students maximize business profits, understand financial statements, and protect their business.

Rating: 4.9(3717)

Link: Financial Accounting – #1 Ranked University: Course 1 of 5

3.Financial Accounting

What this course teaches: This course covers key concepts and terms related to financial accounting, including introductory aspects, conceptual aspects of double entry accounting, journalizing, ledger posting, summarizing, and preparing final accounts. It also discusses adjustments in final account preparation. The pedagogy is based on “lecturing and demonstration.” The course aims to provide a conceptual understanding of double-entry system accounting to target learners, facilitating their understanding of finance and accounting concepts. It also offers hands-on experience through structured numerical problems, ensuring a clear understanding of financing and double-entry accounting.

Link: Financial Accounting

4.Financial Accounting: The Complete Introductory Crash Course

What this course will teach: The Financial Accounting Crash Course offers 69 video lessons covering assets, liabilities, equity, accounting equation, debits and credits, the accounting cycle, and financial statements. It covers the basics of financial accounting, including assets, liabilities, equity, debits and credits, the double entry accounting system, and the accounting cycle. The course also covers merchandise inventory, inventory costing systems, receivables and bad debts, revenue recognition, depreciation and amortization, intangible assets, and the cash flow statement.

Rating: 4.3(1,710)

Link: Financial Accounting: The Complete Introductory Crash Course

5.Financial Accounting and Analysis

What this course teaches: This course aims to demystify accounting jargon and help professionals understand financial statements for better decision-making. It covers various elements of financial statements, accounting principles related to their preparation, and using tools and techniques to analyze key financial performance parameters. The course is relevant to every professional’s life, as concepts learned can be applied in day-to-day management to improve operations and create value for organizations. No prior finance knowledge is required, and participants will learn basic financial concepts, financial statements, accounting standards, analysis techniques, and interpretation for better decision-making.

Link: Financial Accounting and Analysis

6.Tally Erp 9 + Tally Prime + GST – Certificate Course

What this course teaches: This course covers various aspects of GST accounting, including independent company management, payroll management, TDS computation, manufacturing firm accounting, banking, MIS reporting, GST computation and reports in Tally Erp9, Goods Transport Agency accounting, RCM, composition dealer accounting, input GST credit, import and export entries, and GST application at multiple levels. Instructor K.R. Gupta is available for assistance.

Rating: 4.2(1812)

Link: Tally Erp 9 + Tally Prime + GST – Certificate Course

7.MITx: Financial Accounting

What this course teaches: Accounting is crucial for understanding business and contributing to companies. This course, part of the MicroMasters® Program in Finance, provides an introduction to financial accounting principles, focusing on financial statements preparation, analysis, and their structure. It covers how investors, creditors, and others analyze financial statements to assess corporate performance. This course is beneficial for general managers, financial analysts, advisors, and professionals in the financial industry, as well as undergraduate and graduate students.

Link: MITx: Financial Accounting

8. IIMBx: Accounting and Finance

What this course will teach: This business course teaches financial statements, asset management, cost management, leverage management, and tax management, identifying improvement areas, cost management, and financial markets for raising capital. It aims to build financial acumen for successful entrepreneurs or managers, preparing them to prepare and evaluate finances for business plans and managing working capital.

Link: IIMBx: Accounting and Finance

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