Best Data structures and algorithms Books

1.Data Structures and Algorithms Made Easy: Data Structures and Algorithmic Puzzles

About this book: “Data Structures And Algorithms Made Easy: Data Structures and Algorithmic Puzzles” is a C/C++ book that provides solutions to complex data structures and algorithms. It covers topics such as recursion, backtracking, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, priority queues, disjoint sets, graph algorithms, sorting, searching, selection algorithms, symbol tables, hashing, string algorithms, algorithm design techniques, greedy algorithms, divide and conquer algorithms, dynamic programming, complexity classes, and miscellaneous concepts.

Rated 4.1 on Goodreads.

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2.Data Structures the Fun Way: An Amusing Adventure with Coffee-Filled Examples

About this book:

This book offers a comprehensive introduction to computational thinking through data structures, a crucial aspect of programming. It provides an in-depth understanding of how data structure drives algorithmic operations and provides a strong foundation in implementing and working with over 15 key data structures, including stacks, queues, caches, bloom filters, skip lists, and graphs. The book also covers basic computer science concepts like recursion and iteration, pointers’ complexity and power, tree-based data structures’ branching logic, memory data structures, mathematical mappings, randomization, and trade-offs between speed, flexibility, and memory usage. By fully understanding data structures, readers can apply these concepts to real-world problems, enhancing their programming career. This is one of the best data structures and algorithms books.

Rated 4.7 on Amazon.

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3.Hands-On Data Structures and Algorithms with Python: Store, manipulate, and access data effectively and boost the performance of your applications, 3rd Edition

About the book:This Python book aims to help developers and programmers understand data structures and algorithms to optimize application performance and scalability. It covers key structures like stacks, queues, and lists, as well as applying priority queues and heaps. The book also covers analyzing and comparing Python algorithms, choosing the right one for a problem based on running time and computational complexity. The goal is to increase productivity by organizing code in a manageable, consistent, and scalable way.

By the end of the book, developers will be able to manipulate these structures and algorithms to store, organize, and access data more efficiently. The book is designed for developers and programmers interested in learning about data structures and algorithms in Python to write complex, flexible programs. Basic Python programming knowledge is expected.

Rated 4.7 on Amazon

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4.The Bible of Algorithms and Data Structures: A Complex Subject Simply Explained (Runtime Complexity, Big O Notation, Programming)

About this book: The field of algorithms and data structures is crucial in computer science, and is often discussed in coding interviews at companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. These skills are essential for various fields, including machine learning, ethical hacking, cyber security, and enterprise software engineering. However, this field is often considered one of the hardest due to its abstract nature. This book offers an intuitive and simple approach to understanding algorithms and data structures, breaking down complex concepts in a simple way. It covers all formal definitions but focuses on breaking complex concepts down in a simple way. The book equips readers with skills such as intuitive understanding of algorithms and data structures, analysis of runtime complexity, Big O notation, sorting algorithms, graph theory, basic data structures, self-balancing trees, hashing, and collision resolution.

Rated 4.3 on Amazon.

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5.Data Structures and Algorithms in Java

About this book:

Data Structures and Algorithms in Java, Second Edition is a comprehensive guide to understanding and manipulating data structures in software programs. The book includes clear example programs and a Web browser demonstration program. The second edition has been revised to improve operation and clarify algorithms, and the example programs are updated to work with the latest Java JDK version. Questions and exercises are added at the end of each chapter for added usefulness. An educational supplement is available for instructors at recognized institutions.

Rated 4.1 on Goodreads.

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6.Data Structures and Algorithms: 100 Interview Questions (Advanced Topics in Programming)

About this book:

“Data Structures and Algorithms: 100 Interview Questions” is a comprehensive guide designed to help individuals excel in the competitive software industry. The book contains 100 curated interview questions covering key topics in data structures and algorithms, along with clear explanations and examples. It also provides step-by-step guidance on time complexity, space complexity, and optimization techniques. The goal is to impress interviewers with an in-depth understanding of key data structures and algorithms, demonstrating ability to tackle various problems. The book also covers the techniques behind dynamic programming, greedy algorithms, backtracking, graph theory, machine learning, and quantum algorithms, as well as cutting-edge concepts like cache-oblivious algorithms, succinct data structures, and multi-objective optimization.

Rating of 5 on Amazon.

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7.Algorithms and Data Structures with Python: An interactive learning experience: Comprehensive introduction to data structures and algorithms

About this book:

“Algorithms and Data Structures with Python” by Cuantum Technologies is a transformative journey that takes readers from the fundamentals of algorithmic logic to the cutting-edge applications reshaping our digital world. This book is suitable for students, software developers, and tech enthusiasts, offering comprehensive learning on basic data structures to advanced concepts like graph algorithms, dynamic programming, and string manipulation. Python’s readability and simplicity are used to illustrate complex ideas, making learning enjoyable and effective. Real-world applications are tied to each concept, demonstrating the tangible impact of algorithms in various domains like web development, data analysis, and bioinformatics. Practical projects are engaged in to solidify understanding and prepare for real-world challenges. Performance optimization tips and tricks are explored for code optimization, ensuring solutions are efficient and scalable. The book is packed with exercises, quizzes, and coding challenges, making learning an interactive experience. This is an investment in your future, preparing you to become a programmer who not only writes code but also innovates and transforms ideas into reality.

Rating of 5 on Amazon.

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8.Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures

Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures is a practical guide that offers a blend of classic, advanced, and new algorithms for complex programming challenges in data analysis, machine learning, and graph computing. The book teaches readers how to adapt and apply these techniques to their own applications, enhancing their programming toolbox with new perspectives and hands-on techniques. The book also includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats. It aims to improve the speed and efficiency of applications without investing in new hardware, as innovations in algorithms and data structures have led to significant improvements in application performance. The book covers building on basic data structures, profiling algorithms to speed up applications, efficiently storing and querying strings, distributing clustering algorithms with MapReduce, and solving logistics problems using graphs and optimization algorithms. It is intended for intermediate programmers.

Rating of 4.6 on Goodreads.

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9.Data Structures and Algorithms in Python

Data Structures and Algorithms in Python is a comprehensive book that provides an in-depth analysis of data structures and algorithms in Python. It covers design, analysis, and implementation of common data structures like arrays, stacks, queues, trees, maps, hash tables, search trees, and graphs. The book also includes pedagogical features like illustrations and code fragments. This is one of the best data structures and algorithms books.

Rating of 4.4 on Amazon.

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10.Data Structures and Algorithms in C++

The second edition of Data Structures and Algorithms in C++ introduces data structures and algorithms, including design, analysis, and implementation. It provides an introduction to object-oriented design with C++ and design patterns, including class inheritance and generic programming. This book is a sister to Goodrich & Tamassia’s Java, but uses C++ as the basis language. It shares the same pedagogical approach and general structure as Java, making it suitable for use in courses CS102, CS103, CS111, and CS112 based on the IEEE/ACM 2001 Computing Curriculum.

Rating of 3.7 on Goodreads.

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